Enrollment & billing

Benefits administration made easy.

Enrollment & billing

Offering an easy-to-use, centralized enrollment platform with decision-support tools and integrated billing and payment services is the best way to expand benefit enrollments. Providing first-class customer support is the best way to maintain them.

We specialize in transforming complex benefits offerings into an easy-to-navigate enrollment process that employees like to use. To do this, we work with you to develop the right combination of enrollment technology and services for your organization.

Our multichannel approach enables self-service enrollments and billing and payment management through a benefits exchange platform or over-the-phone through our customer service and processing center. We can supplement existing processes or work with you on a complete solution.

Benefits exchange platform

An online hub for employees to manage benefits any time and on any device, the multi-product and provider benefits exchange platforms we develop allow employees to easily enroll in and make changes to benefit elections when they are hired, when a qualifying life event occurs, and during open enrollment. As part of this solution, we partner with you to offer:

  • Set-up of the enrollment process, including programming eligibility, enrollment, billing, and payment rules and transactions
  • Management of workforce configurations and available benefits to ensure that business rules are enforced
  • Secure storage, maintenance, and management of enrollments and enrollment transactions
  • Custom data exchanges with carriers, payroll providers, and other entities as needed
  • The ability to support automatic and manual underwriting processes, including review, decisions, and risk assessment
  • 24-7-365 online availability across desktop and mobile devices
  • Implementation of 508 compliance standards to accommodate users with disabilities
  • Ongoing tracking, data analytics, and reporting
  • Integration with our education and communications, billing and payments, claims, and support services

Other enrollment services

Online self-service is how most employees are interacting and engaging with their benefits these days. Even so, we think it's essential to have a live staff available to guide those employees who prefer to interact with a real person through the enrollment process and offer ongoing benefits support. We offer the following additional enrollment services to complement your online processes:

  • An experienced customer service team trained in benefits, insurance, customer service, and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance, available to handle over-the-phone enrollments and ongoing benefits questions
  • A centralized customer service platform with real-time user account views that allows our customer service team to perform enrollments and transactions on behalf of employees often resulting in first-call resolution
  • Call center scalability and 100% onshore availability to meet your specific needs
  • Development of enrollment kits and pre- and post-enrollment communications
  • Automated scanning and data-entry technology to expedite paper enrollment processing

Billing and payments

Billing and payments should be frictionless—convenient for employees, timely and accurate for the insurers, and seamless for the employer. That's exactly what we deliver.

Whether its payroll deductions, automatic bank withdrawals, online payments, or other methods, our experts work with you to take the headache out of the secure collection and disbursement of payments.

This integration leads to greater employee satisfaction and enrollment retention and allows employees to set up recurring payments and access their benefit information whenever they want.

Payroll deductions

We currently collect and reconcile premiums associated with 3.4 million individual accounts every single month, and continue to shift these processes as payment processing continues to evolve. To support this, we have in place the experienced staff, secure file transmissions, banking assets and systems, and audited financial processes that have led to a 15-plus-year track record of successfully providing accurate premium administration for complex benefit programs.

We work with you to customize a solution that meets the specific requirements of your benefit offerings and payroll providers by providing the following:

  • Determination of deduction amounts
  • Payroll billing process
  • Billing control process
  • Fund transfers

Other payment options

For organizations that do not provide payroll deductions or want to offer additional payment options, we also administer the following:

  • Automatic bank withdrawals
  • Direct payments
  • Online debit or credit card payments