Customer service

Benefits administration made easy.

Customer service

We place the care of our customers as our highest priority, improving overall outcomes and experience while in turn reducing spending and acting as an extension of the HR and benefits departments of our end users. We provide the support enrollees need, ensuring that when they call us, they feel like they’re talking with a benefits expert from within their organization.

We offer a wide variety of support to enrollees, agency benefits officers, and the partners with whom we work. We can help users navigate through enrollment, respond to complex billing inquiries, troubleshoot issues, and accommodate those users who prefer to interact with a live person. We also offer an automated voice response system that processes simple transactions. Our scalable virtual call center technology allows us to cost-effectively accommodate mass transactional volumes and fluctuating seasonal demands.

Call center support

We offer the following call center services to complement your online processes:

  • An experienced customer service team trained in benefits, insurance, customer service, and HIPAA compliance, available to handle over-the-phone enrollments and ongoing benefits questions
  • A centralized customer service platform with real-time user account views that allows our customer service team to perform enrollments and transactions on behalf of employees often resulting in first-call resolution
  • Call center scalability and 100% onshore availability to meet your specific needs
  • Personalized scripts and customized training based on your organization’s brand, benefit administration needs, and frequently asked questions
  • Call monitoring and recording for ongoing quality assurance
  • Defined service metrics for call, email, and voicemail response times and system load and uptimes
  • Translation services on request
  • Teletypewriter (TTY) support for employees who are deaf, hard of hearing, or who have speech or language disabilities
  • Intelligent interactive voice response (IVR) technology that automates simple transactions and routes more complex calls
  • Virtual call center (VCC) technology that allows for call center scalability to accommodate seasonal demands
  • Call center forecasting software and expertise that allows us to increase agent utilization rates and reduce call center expense